Sunday, March 11, 2012

Warm Day and a Walk on the Hill

I took these yesterday when I went for a walk. It was the first time I've felt good enough to go do anything since I caught this crud... but I did go out, and I am getting my voice back! Maybe by the end of the week I can sing again.

At any rate, I needed a break, desperately, from my dairy does and bottle babies... So I went out with my camera and shot some of these lovely native flora and fauna.

Indian Ricegrass- a favorite species that is excellent forage, but pretty too.

Prickly Pear- this one looks how I feel; rather out of juice.

Big Sagebrush- the iconic plant of the West, and another favorite.

Boxelder Bug- irritating little sapsuckers. I found a huge, Hitchcock-esque colony of them coming out of hibernation in this sandstone cliff. The sun had warmed to rock and billions of the smelly bugs were crawling in and out of the cracks... Bleh...

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  1. Our office is full of these bugs every winter. They are friendly little guys, and like to land on me. They are a little smelly - but nothing compared to the Asian beetles that plague us each winter.