Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hot New Yarns, Baby!

Yeah, that's right. This is from a lock I popped off of Fuego and spun a quickie two-ply on my leg for a sample to get an idea of what I want to have done with his fleece. I think this is quite nice. You can see on my blue Shetland sweater that most of the fiber in this sample is finer than the wool used in this garment, but with a few coarser fibers. I can live with that. I didn't seperate the lock for this sample, just drafted it out and spun it off of my knee.

This is the new Shetland Mule yarn lot. Dad is a genius out there in the mill. He really captures the natural characteristics of the individual fleeces. The luster is brilliant and color creamy. I don't care if the Mule yarns are a brilliant white like we want in Merino. This is very nice.

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