Monday, January 30, 2012

A Study in Scarlet, er Gingers, er Moorit...

Veronica Lake.
The old type, and lovely. She looks so much like her dam, Fletcher Vanna, and grand-dam, Dailley Violet. I'll use V and her daughters in the Foula AI program, and then retire her to producing pure Dailley lambs to keep the line alive. (I truly prefer the Dailley stock via Dayspring, Cochran, Maple Ridge, Fletcher and Bitterroot.) In addition to every daughter she's produced, I've kept her flame-red, 2011 tup lamb by Minder Masada as a junior flock sire.

Shady Oaks Anouk.
You can see that she has a bit of English in her. Marybeth has good sheep of both the old and modern types. I'm planning to use Anouk in the AI program with the Flockbook moorit tup(s) I'll be over buying for SonCroft Genetics this fall.

Both of these girls are bred to Thunderhead Fuego this year and I'm hoping for some nice, patterned moorit lambs.
**Crossing my fingers for twin ewe lambs... And maybe some horns!

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