Monday, September 3, 2012

Ancient Textiles

Tongue in cheek- one might need an archaeologist to get started on this old project again... I think I've only had this twill saddle blanket warped on the jack loom for close to ten years now. It is home-grown and spun Suffolk yarn dyed in oxidized copper.

Man, textile photography is fun stuff, especially in natural light. These are raw images, and of the three frames that I shot, all three turned out good (I think) in the different angles and foci that I was after. They'd look even cooler if I pulled some mid-tones and played with contrast in photoshop, but I am getting to where I hate the over-stylized shots that a lot of photographers are displaying... I like natural. So, they stay raw.

This EOS T3 is the best thing I've ever invested in.
I like Schacht shuttles. I've made a few of my own, and they just aren't as nice.

And string heddles are the bees knees, dude!

The next project is a SonCroft Dunface tartan I designed to feature the range of colors in my Shetland flock. I think the coarser fleeces would be perfect for a nice, tight tweed. 

We've got a HUGE stash of hand-painted and natural colored Shetland, Bluefaced Leicester, Mule, Merino and Shetland/Baby Llama blends (from my guardians' crias) yarns and roving going to the Meeker Sheepdog Trials- all home-grown and processed in our mill. Come see us and replenish your knitting stash!


  1. I'm getting back into weaving as well, Jared. Have rug warp on one loom and will get tea towels on the other. That saddleblanket is officially a "UFO" - Unfinished Object"! LOL!
    It's good to see another shepherd dusting off things we do in winter, besides sheepherding. ;)

  2. Cool Jared! Just got my basement cleaned up (with the help of my sis) last week so I can work down there more organized. Since then, have made a quilted purse, finishing a queen size quilt top (hope to today, taking a quick break from it now), and want to warp up the loom! Have a big queen size blanket to do (worsted millspun UTS Shetland warp and handspun UTS bulky soft britch for weft). Then have UTS millspun natural coloreds laid out for some tartans for us and family (been in the works for about 6 years!). Used the tartandesigner and house of tartan to design mine (County Galway). I'm half Irish so it's in the blood! Good luck with yours! Like the pattern and colors!

  3. I love, love, love the color and texture of the blanket!! Seeing this project makes me want to finish the rug that's been sitting on my loom for about 5 years...