Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Unleash the Fury

That's his name, but we generally call him 'Furry.'

I went and filmed my sister working Furry, her paint gelding, to show a prospective buyer. His track career was short lived, but his sire and dam have both produced some respectable stakes winners.

I got some fun still shots too, most of them with Mom's ginormous new lens, and a macro shot with my stock lens. The light was harsh and very difficult to get a shot that I liked.

Warming up. And I caught him flopping leads! His girl was a bit irritated. LOL

Then she set up the cans and I filmed a few runs.

It's been really intensely hot again, and we were all utterly knackered.

Ayla the Aussie thinks it's hot too. So we were heading back to the trailer... go home for a bath and some iced tea.

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  1. I thought the shots turned out very nice! BTW, have you ever tried using Picmonkey?