Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kirk's Lambs Just Keep Getting Better and Better!

Molly (Kirk x Monica)

Cordelia (Kirk x Claybasket)

Are there some things I would change about them? Aye, but fewer than their dams. I'm excited to see how these girls produce this spring. The ewe lambs are all exposed to Churchill, so I'm expecting some added width and muscularity from the breeding. All of the older ewes are bred to Kirk again, so I'm very blessed to be expecting another crop of lambs like these. Especially from that silver Silvie daughter in the background from Robina. Woohoo! Sired by the best ram we've imported yet and a Barlaes T5/Monique dam. I was able to purchase a Varrius x MacKenzie daughter that I'm very excited to see in my breeding program. Best Leicesters in the country, those Moniques. I like to see those foundation names in my pedigrees.