Monday, August 3, 2009

Trevor McLean's Ram Lamb

This is my first choice on the four-forned Shetlands to collect.
Not just a pretty face!
Mama's boy!
Good fore width...
That'll do.

Nice chompers.
Reminder to Yankee investors: A share is $250, and guarantees ownership in ten straws of semen, and an additional 10% discount on market value when semen enters the USA.
Write me if you are interested in a share...


  1. I have no idea why this posted to August third... It's September 12th. (?)

  2. Oh, Jared! He is SO awesome! I didn't even know that there still were 4-horned Shetlands in existence!

    Thanks for sharing...

  3. Hi Nancy!

    He's really nice. From fleece and body, I like him.

    From what I understand, Trevor's sheep are descendants of the last recorded four-horned flock on the islands that he could find. On North Voe.

    His fleece is the kind of intermediate that has enough length to do something with. Great handle and fineness.

  4. Oh, and forgot... No split eyelids on this boy.

  5. He is just grand! I just want to sink my hands into that fleece.