Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Oregon or Bust!" Part 3: Showing the Longwools

Black Sheep Gathering is a good show on many levels. I like it mostly because of my friends who gather there. It's kind of our hoo-rah for the year. Friends made in this industry are good friends and true. 

Joanie Livermore and her good Wensleydale ram.

Yearling ram class...

The ram championship...

The ewe championship...

Cotswolds and Lincolns in the small flock class...

Joy Dally of Super Sire Ltd. with her rock-star Wensleydale ewe.

Another well deserved win for Silver Creek Lambscapes.

Beaming, Maria Rooney with her trophy!

The Vandenacks and their Ace 'n the Hole Romneys.

The Bear Hill Cotswolds.

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