Friday, March 11, 2011

Marcella's First Lamb

Marcella is double-bred Firth B20 'Monique' on her dam's side, from my Mia line, and her sire was by Beeston T70. Super genetic combination, complimentary for a highly productive ewe with extended longevity in a grass/forage-only production system. I expect great things from her and her new ewe lamb by Ward Moor-Kirk. This lamb is blue from stem to stern, and her already lustrous fleece looks like frost crystals over her blue skin. Born unassisted, but I brought the pair into the barn to make sure she nursed before I went to work... (So, her record will have to show an assisted nursing.)

She's already got a beautifully expressive eye like her mama. I look for that in all livestock. A dull, stupid eye will tell you just exactly how that animal is going to perform. From horses to chickens, it's somewhat universal. Doofy looking lambs, well, they taste great. Because otherwise, they'll be nothing but trouble.


  1. Is this true of humans as well? (not that they'd taste great, or anything...)

  2. Beautiful lamb! Good breeding, Shepherd.

    I had a really goofy looking ewe whose only claim to fame was she was a great mother. The rest of the year she was crazy. I guess every living thing has a strong suit.